Workshops & pilot studies

Together we explore needs, opportunities and create creative concepts. Our workshop methodology focuses on idea generation and creation and is an effective tool for jointly creating innovative and new experiences.

We offer workshops as part of a complete project, or as external assistance to customers who need inspiration and help in their preliminary study.

Interactive Experiences

Focusing on new technology, we develop concepts that should not only be informative and user-friendly but also offer something that feels relevant and innovative.

We develop interactive solutions for museums, businesses and other public areas. Our goal is to constantly change the way we experience digital information.

System & Application Development

Whether it is a complement to the current IT solution or the reason for your entire business concept, we can help you develop a customized solution.

We work with the customer from concept idea to a fully implemented solution. With our unique combination of competencies, we offer a comprehensive approach that includes system development for web, desktop and mobile.

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Whether you are a customer, partner, employee, or just curious about what we do. Please let me know, we'll book a meeting and present Spree in a relevant way for you. Thanks!

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