Easy-to-use typewriter program for educational purposes.

About the case

Teacher Karin Ohlis had a hard time learning to read as a child and she always thought it was a challenge to teach children to write and read during school years.

When children read, there are letters that not all children recognize, for example, a-A, g -G. (They do not look like handwriting.) This creates difficulties and avoids the difficult and does not get the training you need.

After Karin’s experience as a teacher for 40 years, she came to the school font idea. School font 2 is writing software with lettering (speaking keyboard). When the letter is pressed on the keyboard, the letter sounds.

Spree took the solution to Windows 8 and Windows 10 so that the app could easily be used on their tiles outside the schools.

Talking keyboard

Writing program with letter sounds.

School font is a writing program where the user writes letters or formulates entire sentences in which the letter sounds are read (Speaking Keyboard).
The built-in voice (Acapela, Elin) reads the word by space and the whole sentence at punctuation. Also different pronouncements have been changed such as; What they are, and, not to resemble the spoken language.
The entire text can be read by pressing the speaker and you can also select read speed.

Writing Guide and Exercise Sheet

With the program, the writing guide and exercise sheet can be printed.

Support functions

Support features you can choose from are: text size (small, medium and large)
text color (light gray, dark gray and black)

Developed font

The letters on the screen look like the handwritten style students learn to write by hand. The font has been developed on the basis of the guidance issued by the Nordic Handwriting Group in 2000.

Basic skills

Swedish for immigrants.

New arrivals and adults who have just arrived to Sweden can use School font as an aid to gain basic skills. Perfect both for hearing the Swedish correct pronunciation, but School font also works as a tool for learning to read and write.

Tool for children with dyslexia

Research project at Linnaeus University.

Linnaeus University conducted a research project on “Alternative support for students with reading and writing difficulties in primary and secondary schools, a possible breakthrough in action”. The result of that research showed that children with severe dyslexia are not helped by traditional reading and writing training. Research showed that it gives better results to use reading and writing tools, and that they maintain their linguistic level through them.

About School font

The application can be downloaded for Windows in the Windows App Store. Read more about the application on School styles web page.

School styles Web page