ABBA THE MUSEUM - Virtual Photo Session V.2

Get the opportunity to wear the Abba members stage clothes and pose in front of the camera!

About the case

After we at Spree made 10 solutions to the Abba Museum’s exhibition The full story, we got the confidence to improve one of their existing and very popular solutions “Virtual Photo Session”. With the solutions popularity in mind, it was important that we retained the pulling force of the old version while adding both technical and visual improvements.

At the interactive station, visitors get the opportunity to see themselves as one or more of the members of Abba. Here they they get to show of their best poses in a photo session. The station can be used by up to six people at a time and intends to be a fun and immersive experience for both young and old. At the end of a session, a group photo of all participants is created, which then can be download from home as a souvenir.

Virtual Photo Session V.2

See yourself as one of the Abba members

At the Virtual Photo session, the museum’s visitors get the opportunity to see themselves in the Abba members’ clothes. With the help of a Kinect camera, visitors can pose as one of the Abba members. The experience starts with the visitors having to sit down and take a selfie picture in a photo booth, where their face then is 3D-generated and placed on effigys of the Abba members.

Stage clothes from the European and Australian tour of 1977

The golden and white stage clothes that the visitors of the museum can see themselves in at the Virtual photo session are designed by Owe Sandström and were worn by the Abba members during their European and Australian tour of 1977

Kinect & 3D-generering

Lösningen är byggd med spelmotorn Unity och använder en Kinect-kamera för att läsa av användarnas rörelser. Deltagarnas ansikte fotas med en webkamera där bilden sedan 3d-genereras och placeras på Abbamedlemmarnas kroppar.

About ABBA The Museum

“ABBA The Museum is more than a regular museum. Of course you will find the members’ clothing, gold records, original items, memorabilia and much more, but with us YOU are an important part of the experience!

We want you to experience the feeling of being The fifth member of ABBA. To see how you dress in their legendary stage costumes, sing in the Polar studio and step up on stage with the band. There is so much to experience here!”