Spree has been involved in developing the system to the world's smallest and lightest real-time GPS track transmitter.

About the case

Trax is a smart, small and powerful GPS track transmitter that works through an innovative application. The unique features are powered by a combination of machine and software. To the tracker is an application where you can easily keep track of your loved ones.

Trax is a user-friendly real-time positioning solution that you can use to keep track of your family and pets. Thanks to the app, it can keep you constantly updated about positioning and other features.

Real time positioning

Listening to several satellites at the same time!

The GPS tracker is extra small and weighs only 24 grams and it works in over 100 countries.
This device is listening to multiple satellites at once and can send location, speed, and direction via the mobile network directly to your app. In this way, you can see in real time exactly where the tracker is on a map.
The tracker is a good aid for elderly dementia, dogs that can run away and children who want to keep an eye on them. It can also be placed on dear possessions such as bicycle etc.

Supported Satellite Navigation System

GPS, Beidou and QZSS.

The world's smallest!

The tracker weighs only 24 grams and is 38 x 55 x 10 mm in size.

Trax Play

Application of great importance.

Spree was also with and developed the Trax Play application. The application is an important part of real-time tracking. The user can set certain security zones when the user is notified as soon as the trace left the exposed security zone. The application user can also see where the track has been located in the last 24 hours.

Reinforced reality

The user can use the mobile camera to find the tracker by moving the phone in front of them and when the user points in the direction of the track transmitter, an indicator indicating the direction and distance of the trace transmitter is displayed.

Geo fence

The user can use the digital fence to set different security zones to notify you as soon as a trace transmitter enters or leaves a certain area.

About the case

“We are committed to improving people’s lives by providing high value products and services for our customers who are trustworthy, fun, intuitive and smart. We try to use smart technology and innovative design to revolutionize position-based services.”