Westfield Mall of Scandinavia - The playroom Paramos

Spree has developed two interactive solutions for the playroom in the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia. The interactive solutions add something new and exciting to the playroom which hopefully can create many laughs and new fantasies for the children and adults who visit Paramos.

About the case.

In collaboration with True Stories, Spree has created two exciting solutions for Mall Of Scandinavia’s playroom, which has been rebuilt by IDEI. The new playroom is called Paramos, which is the name of the planet that children can play on. The digital solutions Spree has developed are 4 research stations where children get to play and experiment with the four elements (fire, water, earth and wind), and a game we call the Planet lab. Mall Of Scandinavia wanted the playroom not only to be fun for the youngest children, and with this, the Planet lab is aimed and adapted for slightly larger children, in the ages between 6-12. However, we are sure that the game is fun and can be an experience for smaller children and children’s parents as well.

The research stations, which are intended for the slightly smaller children, are simple, fun and exciting game-experiences where the children can use a “crank-spinner” to affect the 4 different elements. Here, for example, the children can build up the pressure in a volcano and see it get an eruption and drill with a robot underground to see what is hiding under the earths crust. Even in the Planet Lab, children can play with the planet’s various elemental forces by combining, mixing, and then sending the forces away to a planet that they see changing. The entire playroom is a revolving and engrossing experience where our solutions tie together the playroom’s space theme and hopefully create many laughs.

About Mall Of Scandinavia and the Paramos playroom

“Westfield Mall of Scandinavia is located in the Arena city of Solna, next to Solna station and Friends Arena, only seven minutes from Stockholm city. The center was inaugurated on November 12, 2015 and offers a unique combination of international and exclusive brands, dining experiences and entertainment. Here you will find a total of 224 shops and restaurants, spread over 100,000 m2. The Designer Gallery ™ presents exclusive brands, fashion and lifestyle stores as well as a selection of pop-ups. Dining Plaza brings together over 20 restaurants in what is Stockholm’s largest restaurant area. The film city of Scandinavia boasts Sweden’s first commercial IMAX® and here you will also find the largest movie screen in the Nordic countries and several VIP lounges. The center is easily accessible by public transport and has a total of 3,700 parking spaces. ”

“Take your kids to one of our play areas where they can draw, play games and have fun. We have just recently renovated and opened our new nice playroom Planet Paramos on floor 1 next to the Disney Store with new challenges and games for children. Welcome to experience Paramos. “