The national museum of science and technology - Play Beyond Play

In September (2018), The national museum of science and technology inaugurated the second part of the exhibition Play Beyond Play. Spree has been involved in developing two interactive gaming experiences that in an innovative and playful way lets the museum's visitors explore games and game-creation.

About the case.

The two interactive solutions Spree has developed are called Avatar and The Mood Organ. At Avatar, the museum’s visitors have the opportunity to personalize and create their own game character, which then interacts with other visitors’ avatars. At The Mood Organ, visitors can navigate in a 3D environment and experience how different types of music and sound clips change the mood of the scene they see.

Play Beyond Play is a holistic experience with a great mix of the old and the new, where visitors can play their favorite games, explore gaming history, and test new and innovative games. Avatar and The Mood Organ contribute to the exhibition by being inviting and innovative experiences that puts the visitors inside the game world.

About The national museum of science and technology and the exhibition Play Beyond Play.

“Play Beyond Play is The national museum of science and technology´s new computer game initiative – a total experience with gaming stations and imaginative gaming environments.

The exhibition Play Beyond Play is now a whole floor with gaming experiences – 1,000 square meters in size.”

“Here, nostalgia, pastime and advanced digital technology meet when we tell the story of the Swedish computer game industry – one of the most widespread cultural forms in the world and an industry that is driving the digital technology development at a rapid pace.

The venture brings together players in the Swedish gaming industry, multi-year research and previous experience of gaming exhibitions for a single great gaming experience.”