The Vasa museum's new exhibition "Sailing a Ship" is an interactive experience for both children and adults, where collaboration is the main ingredient.


“Sailing a Ship” is an interactive experience in which the user has to handle three different games in order to succeed sailing away with the ship. In the game the user can control using physical objects on digital screens.

The exhibition “Sailing a Ship” is a collaboration between Spree and Expology, where Spree has digitized and UX adapted Expology’s game concept. “Sailing a Ship” consists of three different games. The Anchor game,  the Whipstaff game and the Sail game.

The Whipstaff game

North, South or West?!

With the help of a physical boot, you will steer the ship to different directions just like when you steer a real ship. The shipper on the ship cries out a direction and with the whipstaff you should pin the direction of the compass rose.

control and command

The solution is built in Visual Studio 2015 and the system is a created UWP (Universal Windows Platform) application. The UWP app "then talks" with the whipstaff, which is controlled as a joystick.

The Anchor

Physical challenge!

In the Anchor game you get as a user in this physical challenge pull the ship’s anchor from the seabed with the aid of a physical anchor wheel. The anchor wheel is built for cooperation where the players can take a hand held handle to successfully pull up the dull heavy anchor.


With the body as a guide to the interaction, the anchor game becomes an active and physical challenge. The more people who cooperate the easier it will be to succeed with the challenge.

WPF application

The Anchor game is build in Visual studio 2015 and is a WPF application.

The Sail game

Set sail with the wind in your hair

By interpreting the wind flow shown with animations and different wind power in the hair with a physical fan, the player is challenged by setting the right sail to make the ship sail away without sinking. The user controls which sail is set with a control panel numbered with sails 1-4.

The physical room

Intercative experience that blends the physical space with the digital. The game is a UWP app that speaks via Art.Net.

Art.Net allows the fan to blow at different speeds depending on the wind shown on the screen.


All three games are synchronized with the help of Windows service that keeps track of which status they have. In this way, the games await each other by knowing each other's status. All games must be checked to complete the game.

Three experiences with a common goal.

With the three experiences that Spree and Expology have created together, we hope to spread joy and shared experiences where users can collaborate with friends and newfound friends at the Vasa museum.

About the Vasa museum

“The ship of Vasa quarreled and dropped in Stockholm in 1628. After 333 years, the great war ship was saved and the journey could continue. Today, Vasa is the world’s only preserved 1600´s ship and the Vasa museum is the most visited museum in Scandinavia.”