For the opening of the new Performing Arts Museum, Spree has developed three digital stations that enhance the visitor's experience and create new dimensions for the exhibition.

About the case

With the three experiences that Spree has delivered to the Performing Arts Museum, we hope to contribute to both the joy and curiosity of the exhibition. The stations are scattered at the museum’s three different departments and together create an exciting interactive touch in the rooms where they are active.

The stations that Spree have created are a mix of different performing arts experiences. You can try different dance poses, theater masks from Dramaten’s masks and learn more about Hagströms guitars in a fun and interesting way.

About the new Museum of Performing Arts

“At the Performing Arts Museum you will experience the magic of the theater, the dance and the music – on stage and behind the scenes. Here you will meet the history and contemporary of the performing arts area, and you as a visitor will be able to participate. We want to awaken your curiosity for the art forms, deepen your knowledge while increasing The insight about your own creative ability. “

At the opening ceremony, the performing arts museum has received very good reviews and press. We are proud to have participated in this project and therefore want to share with us selected reports.