Spree, along with the development partner Bonnier digitally, launched this year's Microsoft  Award in the Best Windows Phone Solution category.

About the case

In front of the grand launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5, we helped Bonnier’s digital agency BINK build a mobile framework that enables Bonnier Magazines to publish applications to their many brands quickly, safely and uniformly. In this project we collaborated with Microsoft, BINK and Widespace.

The technical solution is adapted to news and enables Bonnier companies to quickly and flexibly create apps on all platforms, not just Windows Phone, thanks to a cloud-based content service.

Frame work

Windows Phone applications.

The result became a framework that through cloud services, quickly and easily accesses all information and appearance, without having to publish about the apps on Marketplace.
At the start of the app, the latest settings are checked through the Azure API, and any changes and updates are reviewed immediately.
The solution became a developed framework for cost effective work on publishing Windows Phone applications. The framework was developed to Bonnier for fast and efficient use of reliable high quality applications.
The work on phone has been developed to include a news site for Windows 8.

Frame work

The framework is written in C # and developed with Visual Studio 10, MS SQL Server and Windows Phone 7.1 SDK. It uses an API (REST / JSON) running in Windows Azure to retrieve article content as well as images, which are also reshaped to the correct size and proportions via a Azure service.

The cloud

The framework can also be used for other clients, for example Windows 8 app on a slate or as an application on the Surface 2 multi touch computer (SUR40).
By using the framework service API and cloud services, the Spree project continued to connect with other clients.

News adapted

Fast and flexible.

Spree also developed an application on the multi touch platform Surface, once again Azure API’t
used. The result was also a collection application for a selection of Bonnier titles with the latest news retrieved via the same Azure API as for the Windows phone apps. The news application shows the front page of the selected titles and the latest news.
The technical solution is adapted to news and enables Bonnier companies to quickly and flexibly create apps on all platforms, not just Windows Phone, thanks to a cloud-based content service.
The solution provides a more fun and interactive news experience!

Collection application for News

A collection application built for news was built on the same API. Application users: Expressen, DN, Technology World, Private Business, Weekly Business, Summary and Exchange.

Surface Samsung SUR40

Interactive news experience on Microsoft Samsung SUR40. Multi User System where users can choose to read their news article while someone else selects another news to read at the same time.

Microsoft Award 2012

Winner application!

Spree took this year’s edition of Microsoft Awards in the category of best Windows Phone solution.
In addition to the profit in the mobile phone category “Phone”, the solution was also nominated in all other relevant categories, such as Client Business, Client Consumer and Cloud Consumer.


Prize for the mobile category "Phone"!

The jury's motivation: "An effective framework that facilitates the creation of visually flawed media files for Bonnier and with an exciting back end in Azure that makes it possible to maintain apps easily without having to publish updates in Marketplace."

Mattias Carlson, editor Expressen Digital Media:

"It's important to be in all channels, and in all mobile systems. Market Place is still a small market, but it's have probably all the opportunities to grow when Microsoft is now investing in mobile. Our windows app is fast and very easy to use, I think readers will like it. "