Through extensive collaboration between Spree and Microsoft, we explored new ways for search efforts to be organized and managed for Missing People Sweden.

About the case

In collaboration with Microsoft, Spree adopted the task of exploring new ways to organize and administer search efforts for the non profit organization Missing People Sweden. In the project, Microsoft assisted with hardware and software while Spree was in charge of technical knowledge to design and design the platform.

The collaboration resulted in a comprehensive solution for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms with the exploratory purpose of facilitating Missing People Sweden in their work to help distressed individuals in the future. By combining the various platforms with a common system together with GPS technology, the collaboration opened up new ways of facilitating search efforts in the future through innovative solutions.


An understanding of the environment and conditions.

A key factor in the project was to provide an understanding of the environment and the conditions that Missing People Sweden works on. As a large proportion of the search efforts undertaken consist of voluntary invading private individuals, high demands are placed on effective coordination and effective communication channels. The project thus came to grips with the task of investigating various technical solutions with the common goal of facilitating and supporting Missing People Sweden in their work. As the organization includes a variety of functions and tasks, at the same time, it was seen as an opportunity to coordinate these to one and the same platform.

Voluntarily involved

Voluntary involvement of private individuals where effective coordination of effective communication channels is a must.

Technical solutions

Investigate technical solutions with the goal of facilitating Missing People Sweden.


Dialogues and cooperation

Through close dialogue and close collaboration between Spree, Microsoft and Missing People Sweden, the possibilities for how a comprehensive solution like combined mobile and desktop technology could be facilitated could be facilitated by search efforts. The stationary part of the project was intended to be used by the individuals who administer the search efforts while the mobile part was aimed at the individuals who were in the search. By coordinating the two platforms, new ways were opened for how search initiatives in the future can be administered and organized.


In the collaboration between Spree, Microsoft and Missing People Sweden, mobile, stationary technology was investigated.

Roads were opened

New roads were opened by coordinating different platforms.

The System

No areas may be missed!

Using a windows phone app, GPS positions were reported to a server.
In order to see which volunteers’ phones are part of the search team and what areas they are searching for, they are managed with an application used on a Windows platform.
Surfaces in the application are filled in where the search party scans the areas.
In the search party, a number of people always go on the outskirts of the area, thus painting a distance between the search areas, and you can easily see where the volunteers have gone and what areas are searched. Not even the small areas are missing which is of great importance when looking for missing people.


Thanks to GPS functions administered in the application, the search party positions are read and thus scans the search.

About Missing People Sweden

“Today, Missing People is a nationwide organization with about twenty regional departments across the country. The core of the organization is all volunteers who give up their time to help in the search for missing people. Everyone who leads the search efforts, manages the regional departments and sits The journeys are voluntary. We strive to start a search effort within six hours of a case coming into our journeys, regardless of the time of day or place in Sweden, as well as seeking to save lives but also to provide family support And the possibility of an end. The vision is that nobody will disappear without being found. “

Missing People Sweden web site