Spree has complemented GS1 Portugal's showroom with a thumbnail gallery where they can display movies, pictures and PDFs on a large vaulted screen wall.

About the case

Spree has in the past developed a comprehensive concept for GS1 Portugal’s Concept Center. The concept includes digital content as well as an overall experience with physical interaction and interiors. GS1 Portugal now wanted to update their Concept Center with an application to showcase different types of media material, such as movies, pictures, PDFs and powerpoints in a neat and smooth way.

Spree has thus developed a specially adapted media gallery that GS1 Portugal can use on their large, arched screen wall. With the help of a small airmouse, GS1 employees can easily browse, select and play the content they have uploaded in the application.

Custom media gallery

Stylish, clean and smooth!

The new media gallery Spree has developed became a neat and smooth complement to GS1 Portugal’s Concept Center. In the existing, past solution Spree developed for GS1, a film is displayed on the arched screen wall as part of the overall solution in the Concept Center. To switch between that solution to the new media gallery, the GS1 employees just need to press an hdmi switch.

Custom resolution

The arched screen wall that the media gallery has been developed to have a custom, extra wide screen resolution we needed to take into account when developing the application.

Smart and smooth interaction

In order to navigate and control the media gallery, we had to customize / map the input from an airmouse for it to handle all the interactions the application requires. With the airmouse, the user can navigate through the contents of the media gallery, browse slideshows and start, pause and rewind video clips. The application is written in C# with the framework .NET.


All applications we developed for GS1 have a CMS where we and GS1 can update and replace the content of the applications. The CMS is made in ASP.NET MVC and uses SignalR for real-time updating. For the new media gallery, we had to customize the CMS so that the employees at GS1 easily can upload, and update the content which they want to show in the application, linked to the four different categories (slideshows, videos, PDFs and powerpoints).


About GS1 Portugal

“Promote collaboration and alignment between all actors in the supply chain through a single language to identify, capture and share product data, services, and business documents.

How? With a system of standards unique, unambiguous (the GS1 system), which is the result of agreements between companies and the most widely used globally. The most visible aspect of this system is the barcode that identifies millions of products circulating worldwide – in Portugal, including the “560” code.

We do things our way and everyone has their own world view. Although the differences enriching, sharing, adapting and creating common goals are also fundamental to the construction of our identity.

Business is no different. From raw material to end customer, companies are easier when suppliers, customers and partners cooperate and speak the same language with each other. “