"A game that makes a difference"

About the case

Spree was asked by Strateg that we have previously worked with to create a web application for the company KPMG, which offers services in auditing, taxation and consulting. The application that was created is a quiz game that KPMG can use at trade shows and on its website to reach out to students and others. Being able to contribute and to make a difference are aspects that are central for the target groups that KPMG prefers to recruit. Therefore, with the help of a slide bar, the users of the game get to answer 13 subjective questions about how they want to make a difference, where the questions in various ways are connected to KPMG and their different roles.

When all questions are answered, the users will get a result regarding what types of jobs and roles at KPMG that would suit them best, based on how they answered on the quiz. Strateg developed the concept and created the design for the application, while we at Spree created the application programmatically, where we also came up with how the logic of the game would work. During the course of the work we also came up with some design and ux suggestions, to make the game as user-friendly as possible.

Slide Gör testet! Hur vill du göra skillnad?

User-friendly and uncluttered

The game has a linear and simple flow where clarity and user-friendliness have been two major focal points. Since KPMG mainly uses the game at trade shows where visitors gets to play the game with a limited number of deployed Ipads, it was important that the game should go relatively quickly to play through, but at the same time be clear, so that everyone who wanted to play the game got to do so, without unnecessary queues beeing formed.


The application is a web application located and deployed on KPMG's website. The main platform of the application is touch-tablets, but the game is adapted so it can be played on a normal computer or on a mobile phone aswell. Since the game is on the web, KPMG employees, students and other users of the game can share it on various social media channels.


The solution has been created with html and css where different types of media have been incorporated, such as video and images. When a user has answered all the questions, they can see the end result in a spider diagram. The result can also be sent to the user's email if desired. The e-mail that is sent out is adapted for both computers and mobile phones. The application has been created with two different urls, one that KPMG uses as usual on their website and one they can use at trade shows to download the application as an app they can have on the iPad. With the game in the show mode, KPMG employees can change certain parameters of the game, such as how quickly it is gonna restart, if no user has touched the screen for a while.

About KPMG

“KPMG offers audit, tax and consulting services. We have 1500 employees in offices across the country.”

“Today, KPMG is one of the world’s leading knowledge companies. The Swedish business celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2013. During this long history, our guiding principle has been to create value for our clients. This applies whether it is a small, local company, a non-profit organization. or a global large corporation that hires us.

We have continuously adapted to changes in the business cycle and the outside world. The business has evolved from a small Swedish one-man company to being an active and contributing part of a global structure with over 197,000 employees.”