New and effective tool for simplifying and improving the work process from sales to finished elevator.

About the case

KONE is a company that provides elevators and escalators, among other things, and needed to develop a process tool to support the business process from sales to finished elevators. Together with the customer, Spree has developed the system “KONE SET” (Sales and Engineering Tool). The system is customized and developed for salespeople, processors and district managers at KONE with the aim of simplifying their work and guiding these roles throughout their entire work process.

UX has been an important part of the entire project where requirements and interfaces have been developed in close collaboration between Spree and the customer. User feedback has been received and listened to continuously during development to obtain a system that is as useful and user-friendly as possible. KONE uses several other systems in their work, but they where lacking a tool that compiled the information from these and that could handle their entire work process, thus KONE SET was developed.


The system has been developed with an agile work approach as new functionality and new requirements emerged as the system took shape. The customer and Spree met regularly to check and display the latest features and requirements that had been implemented. At these meetings, developed wireframes and requirements for new functionality was discussed and and future work was planned.

Language and framework

The system backend is developed in ASP.NET C# and uses Web API, Entity framework, Azure SQL and Azure search. The frontend is developed in Angular and Typescript and is built with Google's Material Design component framework. To build the layout for the system, the Flexlayout library is used. The entire system runs on Azure Cloud on multiple App Services.


Projects created in the Salesforce CRM system are posted and updated in the system that Spree has developed (KONE SET). The integration with Salesforce is done in Azure Logic Apps. Integrations with other KONE systems are also beeing done to get information about the elevators that are in a project. These integrations are run as web jobs and as a service in windows.

Used in several countries

The system Spree has developed is now being used by users from both Kone Sweden and Kone Norway. Some other countries has also shown intrest for KONE SET.

Daily meetings within the work group

From Spree, a UX/project manager worked with some developers in a tight team with the development of the system. Each day began with a brief reconciliation meeting in the working group to review the status, where problems and comments could be raised and discussed. With this approach, the work was constantly moving forward and the team was able to quickly and easily overcome any obstacles that arose.

About Kone

“KONE is one of the world’s leading companies in the elevator and escalator industry. We supply elevators, escalators and automatic doors, as well as modernization and maintenance solutions that add value to the entire life cycle of the building.

KONE’s mission is to make it easy to move in an urban environment. We understand people’s need to move safely and comfortably in and between buildings. What we call People Flow. In 2019, KONE had sales of 10 billion EUR and had nearly 60,000 employees at the end of the year. KONE’s B-shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland.”