Jönköping County Museum - John Bauer

Spree got to participate in creating an interactive station where the visitors of Jönköping County Museum can search in a large database full of John Bauer's sketches and pictures.

About the case

Prior to the opening of Jönköping County Museum’s new exhibition about John Bauer, Spree has developed an interactive solution where visitors can use physical objects in the form of trolls, animals and other things, to search in an image database. Depending on which physical object the visitor places on a table, images related to the object are projected onto different surfaces of the table which are in the form of book piles and sketch blocks.

The exhibition’s target group is preschool children and the station aims to visualize the large number of digitized sketches the museum has in its collections. Since preschool children can usually neither read nor write, and that a search interface was not desirable, the system was developed with object recognition. The objects are linked to rfid tags, which in turn trigger the searches when placed on specific points on the table.

Interactive search engine

Experience magic!

With five different objects placed on a table, visitors can search among the museum’s large database with John Bauer’s sketches. Depending on which figures are placed on the exposed points on the table, the visitors get different search results.

Video clip

Physical interaction

The interaction with the system is done by allowing users to place five physical objects with rfid tags at specific points on a custom table.


The search results are projected on sketch blocks and book piles placed on the table.

Arduino and Rfid-tags

The program is written in Visual studio. The RFID tags attached to the various objects communicate with RFID readers connected to an Arduino. Arduinon, in turn, communicates with the software that has developed into the system.


Captivating images

The museum’s visitors get the opportunity to search among John Bauer’s large collection of sketches related to the five different figures.

About Jönköping County Museum

“Jönköping County Museum is an art and cultural history museum with premises in central Jönköping. The museum, like the Open Air Museum in Jönköping City Park, is run by the Jönköping County Museum.”


“In addition to exhibitions, the museum’s buildings also include archives, magazines, an extensive picture archive, a studio for painting conservation and much more.We are about 45 employees who work with everything from object care to exhibitions, archeology, painting conservation, building care and ethnological documentation.An important partner for us is Jönköping County Art Association. For many years we manage their collection and every year we organize exhibitions together where both the County Hall and the Youth Spring Lounge are recurring exhibitions.”


“The Jönköping County Museum was founded on June 22, 1977 by Jönköping County Council, Jönköping Municipality and Jönköping County Council. The foundation will conduct museum activities by managing and caring for the collections owned by the foundation and keeping them accessible to the public. As the head of the county museum business, the foundation shall conduct and promote cultural environment conservation, museum activities within the region and related cultural activities.”