Centro wanted to make the customer's bathroom a concrete vision already at the drawing table. In Centro's and Spree's solution we developed a design module where the user can visualize his bathroom.

About the case

Spree developed its own software for visualization of tiles, materials selection and project management for the benefit of Centro’s customers and their customers.

Production is a tailor made project & communication tool for professionals, clients and end customers.

Through this innovative solution, we provide customers with a creative way of designing their own bathrooms by choosing from Centro’s range of tiles and other bathroom architecture.

Design tools for bathroom renovation

Create from the store's collection.

The solution is a production of design tools for bathroom renovation. The solution is designed for Microsofts 40-inch multi touch table, where sales and customer can browse and design a bathroom based on the store’s collection.
The design tool serves as a permanent solution to the store, but it is also designed to enable the customer to easily use it on any computer, smartphone and reading pad.

Multi touch

The solution is created for Microsofts 40" multi touch table.


With Microsoft Pixelsense, multiple visitors can interact with the table at the same time.

Customizable design studio

Shops, fairs and events!

Centros Designstudio is made up of different types of hardware and is used on several hardware platforms that are placed in stores, fairs and events.
In part two of the project, a web solution was created whose purpose is to simplify projects in case of tribal exchanges involving all parties; professionals and tenants, can log in to choose theirs products and follow the project. The design module is open to the whole world and here is also the opportunity to share their sketches on social forums to get their friends’ comments.
The design and production is made as a Windows Phone application as a complement to project & amp; communication tool.

Windows Phone application

Design and production of Windows Phone application as a complement to the project & communication tool.

Share your design

Share your designs and sketches on social forums to get friends comments and tips!

Microsoft Award 2012

Winner application times 2!

Spree took this year’s edition of Microsoft Awards across two categories for Best Client Consumer and Web!
In addition to the gains in these categories, the solution was also nominated in the Client Business category.

Client Consumer

Jury's motivation: "Centro Designstudio modernizes an entire industry through the ability to design a new bathroom in an interactive design studio. Select your new tile on a Microsoft Surface and get project information directly to your Windows Phone. A "flat" multi-dimensional solution. "


Jury's motivation "Through the use of different types of hardware in combination with the web, this contributed to the jury's interest at once. Spree has an innovative way of building a solution that both attracts consumers and retailers with a thoughtful design and architecture "

About Centro

“The company’s business idea is to provide the building ceramics and bathroom products market based on the criteria of delivery, quality, availability, knowledge and service. Flexibility, responsiveness and relationship management are key words. Centro is never stronger than its next business.

Centro takes an honor to be innovative in our industry and actively working on managing our legacy and tradition while developing ourselves and our industry. “