Among 700,000 books, it's easy to get lost. This would avoid the City Library and Spree was contacted to provide a simple navigation solution to Stockholm City Library.

About the caset

Spree was commissioned to bring the entrance to life and help the visitor to navigate among the library’s locations and information through a visualized map with descriptive pointers in areas and departments. The solution aims to replace printed materials and maps with a digital interactive navigation platform.

The user can quickly and easily locate himself  on the map and important areas like restrooms, refunds, cash registers, room names, internet, copiers and not least where all the books are available.

Interactive orientation portal

Orientation portal

Spree’s visual map is an interactive experience for the user, where they can navigate between the different floors of the library by pointing out different points and places. The visitor gets an idea of where the searched location is relative to where their own position is and get information in the form of pictures and facts that can enlarge and move around with your fingers.

Multi touch experience

The solution is made on a multi touch display where the visitor can actively interact between the library's different floor plan.


The visitor can see how long distances are between them and the searched places in the library by punctuating the map's navigation pointer.

Advertising Platform

Interactive Advertising.

The advertising platform is a slideshow that shows that it is interactable. In close proximity, the screen flips and becomes a grid of six subjects that the visitor can choose to see / read more about.
With touch, the visitor can browse a slide show between the library’s selected ads.
The ads are interactive where the visitor can zoom in and out on selected texts and images.

Person-adapted tips!

Audio book presentation.

The audio publisher displays all the information about the audio books that the library reads or has received good marks from others. You can choose between several layers of information and find their way to a book that suits one’s own.