Through extensive content work of the Grenna museums archive and exciting text material from polar expeditions, Spree created an interactive narrative multitouch installation.

An interactive narrative multitouch screen

For the new opening of the new Grenna museum, Spree has developed a narrative multitouch screen where the user can interact and follow the polar expeditions.

In this interactive solution, you will experience the expedition members’ experiences through maps, letters and beautiful photographs.

Interactive storytelling

"First to the North pole!"

Through animations, photographs and texts, the user can follow the expeditions and its complex routes. With the help of the 4K multitouch screen, the user can move around on the maps with a feeling of traveling with the expeditions. Each route for the expedition members where filled with different difficulties and setbacks.
The user can also visit various permanent polar stations that are both old and modern.

UWP application

The solution is built in Visual Studio 2015 and the system is a created UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app. The app will load by Json files to determine what and where on the screen it should be displayed.

4K Multitouch

The solution is build on a 4K multitouch screen.


Each route is a built in animation that allows the user to interact with the map, which creates participation in the polar expeditions.


Storytelling pictures

Through beautiful and narrative photographs from the Grenna Museum’s polar historical photo collection, you can follow the adventures and adversities of the Polar expeditions.
Grennamuseet’s polar historical photo collection contains images that are mainly from 1872 to 1966. A large selection of the photo collection has been made to contribute to the interactive multitouch solution. Everything to create the best digital story experience. These include, for example, Axel Enwall’s pictures from A E Nordenskiold’s Spetsberg Expedition 1872-1873 and Lars E Andersson’s extensive slide collection from his wintering at the South Pole 1965-1966.

About the Museum of Grenna

“Polar center is the collective name of our exhibition activities on expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

In addition to the exhibition about S A Andrée’s polar expedition and temporary exhibitions, we tell about many other expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica. On the main floor, the new base show, there is an interactive touch screen where you can track the tracks of a large number of expeditions, in text, image and movies. It is surrounded by objects from some of these expeditions. We are particularly pleased to be able to give you a permanent exhibition of Otto Nordenskjold’s expedition to Antarctica 1901-1903 for the first time – a particularly effective and equally dramatic expedition. On the ground floor, you can also learn more about where expeditions are today and what they are researching on a monitor. As a contrast to the congregation’s crown jewel – S A Andrée – we have the lecturer of glaciology, Nina Kirchner, as representative of today’s research. Through objects and images she illustrates her research on glaciers. “