Take on interactive fabric and experience how the room is filled with visual effects and sound!

About the case

We at Spree were asked to create something fun and interactive with some type of unconventional interaction to a release event for one of the major mobile manufacturers. Here we had to use our imagination and previous experiences to create something that was in line with the customer’s vision. The solution was developed in collaboration with Ciceron and Cleavah Ab.

The final product became an interactive touch surface made of an elastic fabric that gives the user an immersive experience in the form of visual and auditory feedback when interacting with the fabric. To read a user’s interaction with the fabric, a kinect camera was used to measure the depth data, and a back projecting projector was used to project the effects on the fabric.

Three sequences

The solution consists of three different scenes that are looped in a predetermined time interval. The different scenes and effects are modular and could be replaced and adapted for other occasions. In order to urge users to interact with the fabric, we added a screen saver effect so that the projection surface is never black.

Custom-made sound effects

Custom-made sound effects were added to the experience to enhance and complement the visual effects projected on the fabric when users touch it. Different sound effects are added for the different scenes.


The solution is built with the game engine Unity and uses a Kinect camera's depth data to read when a user touches the elastic projection fabric. When the system sees that a user touches the fabric, different effects are projected where a user has touched and various sound effects are played.


Fully functional prototype

In order to be able to work with the project we needed a working prototype in the office. We thereby took a white sheet and strapped up with wires and cable ties on a whiteboard stand, which got to function as our touch screen during the development of the interactive experience.

The old national archives facilities in the "Old town" in Stockholm

The event was held in the Old National archives beautiful premises where our interactive experience filled an entire room. Visitors were lured to the experience by the mysterious background music/sound of the solution being played at high volume, which caught the interest of many curious visitors.

Implementation och adjustments

In order to be able to implement the solution smoothly, we needed to be able to adapt and adjust the interaction so that the projection took place in the right place. Therefore we created a function in the system solely for calibrating the touch surface.