GS1 Portugal's complex services are presented with both physical and digital interaction to optimize the understanding of the visitors.

About the case

Spree has worked out a comprehensive concept for GS1 Portugal’s new Concept Center. The concept includes digital content and an overall experience with physical interaction and interiors. By combining both physical and digital interaction in pedagogical exercises divided into four stations, we managed to create an experience that has both a common thread and provides the opportunity for knowledge exchange.

Visitors to the new Concept Center may follow a product through the stations: create, transport, store and consume. In addition, a session begins with two movie clips that is played on a hologram screen and a large arched screen wall. The interactive stations provide access to relevant exercises that highlight the GS1 standard and its flow. Depending on the sector from which the visitors come from, the visit is adapted to thereby provide as tailor-made experience.

GS1 Sweden

Further development in Portugal

Thanks to the successful solution Spree developed for GS1 Sweden’s Concept Center, GS1 Portugal did not want to be worse. Spree got to create and adapt a modular Concept Center to GS1 Portugal in connection to their new renovation and construction.


The Concept Center created by Spree got its own floor in the newly renovated facilities of GS1 Portugal.

Stations and exercises

The Concept Center is made up of 4 different interactive stations with different solutions and exercises. In addition to the interactive stations, the overall experience consists of two movie stations that appear as a hologram and on a large arched screen wall.

Globally recognized

The solution for GS1 Sweden was globally recognized, which created new opportunities for GS1 Portugal.

Complete flow

Physical interaction

The Concept Center is based on a complete flow that must be conveyed from beginning to end. The concept includes digital content in an overall experience, with physical interaction and interiors. Visitors to the new Concept Center will follow a product through four different stations: create, transport, store and consume.

3D-printed keys

Spree got to create 3D-printed keys for the Concept Center, which unlock different content and exercises depending on which business sector they belong to. For example, visitors from the healthcare sector can start the stations with the key "Pillbox" and then get access to exercises belonging to them.

Physical interaction

With the help of the 3D-printed keys, physical interaction was mixed with digital interaction through a number of touch screens, with the purpose of creating an immersive and educational experience.

Pedagogical exercises

Adapted for GS1 Portugal

The four interactive stations consist of 20+ exercises that Spree originally produced together with GS1 Sweden. However, some exercises needed to be redone, replaced or removed to fit GS1 Portugal. The purpose of the different stations and exercises is to convey a complex service that needs to be explained in a clear and educational way.


The CEO for GS1 Portugal welcomes visitors in a hologram movie that is played when they lift one of the 3D-printed keys.


Each station is independent of each other, which creates a modular flow. With this, it is possible to replace, remove or redo a station without affecting the other stations.

About GS1 Portugal

“Promote collaboration and alignment between all actors in the supply chain through a single language to identify, capture and share product data, services, and business documents.

How? With a system of standards unique, unambiguous (the GS1 system), which is the result of agreements between companies and the most widely used globally. The most visible aspect of this system is the barcode that identifies millions of products circulating worldwide – in Portugal, including the “560” code.

We do things our way and everyone has their own world view. Although the differences enriching, sharing, adapting and creating common goals are also fundamental to the construction of our identity.

Business is no different. From raw material to end customer, companies are easier when suppliers, customers and partners cooperate and speak the same language with each other. “