In  the Vasa museum exhibition Meanwhile Spree has developed two multi-touch experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the Vasa ship contemporaries. Using data from Wikipedia created a living content that encourages exploration.

Explore the Vasa ship contemporary and world

Meanwhile is an exhibition that explores the world in the first half of the 1600s, during the increasingly globalized time when the ship was built. In 1628, when the ship is being built and falls, the world is a place where big ships sailing across the oceans and the world takes shape. People travel and meet voluntary and coercive. Contacts are made across the continents. Ideas, goods, and the spread of diseases. Conflicts arise.

Spree created two interactive solutions to help visitors explore the Vasa’s contemporaries. At the first multi-touch table, visitors can navigate their way across a world map and read information on important events and places. The information of these POIs downloaded from Wikipedia, which means that anyone can add relevant information.

When the visitor moves on to the next interactive table that can read in more detail about certain topics also linked together, creating a whole over this era.

Integration with Wikipedia

To enable one of the solutions retrieves relevant information from Wikipedia, our developers worked together with developers from Wikipedia to build a search algorithm that featured the right data and updated daily.

Our role in the project

In order to deliver customized and engaging solutions involving every project different skills and technical requirements. Below is what we contributed in this particular project.






Project Managing


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