Among the 15,000 sqm public spaces and hundreds of experiments, it is easy to get lost if something exciting experiments at Tom tits. Spree has developed a mobile app to help curious visitors to find the right way.

Exciting mobile guide that enhances the visit

The mobile application, which is compatible to the three major operating systems, helps the visitor to find their way through hundreds of experiments in physics, mathematics, engineering, physical geography, biology, man and illusions. Once you have found to the right experiments, you can also learn more about the experiment in your phone.

Test yourself! The app is available to download to your smartphone.

Experiment ikon-bibliotekExperiment icon library

Along with Tom Tit we developed an extensive icon library to all out all the different experiments that are represented in the mobile app. See below for examples of some of those playful icons were designed.

Spaceball Sapbubblerum Ruschkana Rorelse Kroppen Kemilabb Illusionsgalleriet

Our role in the project

In order to deliver customized and engaging solutions involving every project different skills and technical requirements. Below is what we contributed in this particular project.






Project Managing

Content Production

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