Control a robot with a dance mat and try to survive for as long as possible!

About the case

Endless Running began as an internal project with a main purpose for us to be able to test different types of interaction. This was accomplished by building a classic Endless runner game, where inspiration came from games like “Temple Run” and “Subway Surfers” and more. The purpose of the game is to control a running robot to avoid obstacles while collecting different coins to get as many points as possible

The game was so successful that it has since been used at a corporate event organized by Elo-touch and also at Telia’s concept store on Kungsgatan. Here, the store’s visitors have the opportunity to get active and compete against each other, as a fun break while shopping for new phones and accessories. It was the attention the game got at the Elo-event that led to it being rented by Telia.

High Score

This summer, the game has been in Telia's concept store on Kungsgatan, where they've had a theme about becoming more physically active and finding new ways to move. In order to get a feel for how popular the game is, which is interesting info both for us at Spree and for the customer, we have added a tracker that counts how many people play the game daily. This tracker also shows how many points the players have received. The game also has a high-score list showing top ten best results.

Gradually increased difficulty

The purpose of the game is to collect as many points as possible and begins with the user having to choose between four different robots. Points are obtained both by running as far as possible and by collecting the different coins that are placed on the tracks. The game is constantly getting harder as it progresses faster and faster.

Different interaction devices

The solution is built with the game engine Unity. To control the running robot you can use different interaction units. The devices we have implemented as controls for the game are currently a kinect camera, a touch screen and a dance mat. In the telia shop, the latter unit is used as the interaction unit. The game is built so that it is easy to switch between different interaction units. In this way, the game can be more easily adapted to different premises, wishes and needs.


Point hunting competition at a corporate event

Elo-touch had a large customer event where visitors got to collect points at various stations located around the room. One of the games used at the event was Endless Running-Spree. Here each visitor got a personal tag which they had to blip to start the game. In this way we could read who was playing. If the player got a good result that ended up on the top-10 list, this could be printed automatically, the score was also used for the event's overall competition.


When the game was used at Elo-touch's corporate event, they wanted to show the touch abilities on their screens. Therefore, we added made it so all menu choices, such as choosing a robot could be done with touch interaction. But you could still do the menu choices directly from the dance mat. The game was also adapted to Telia's wishes, where the flow of game was simplified and slightly accelerated. We also made the game's logo so that it matched with Telia, where the Telia-logo and colors were incorporated.