McSchedule is a effective scheduling system with built-in sales analysis for all employees at McDonald's restaurants throughout Sweden.

About the case

The system consists of a scheduling program for employees at McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden. The program includes a built-in sales analysis that is linked to the scheduling.

The program was already built in 1998 and Sprees (Marotz) was the first project. McDonald’s lay in a development phase and efficient analysis was needed. Even today, the system is used on all restaurants in Sweden and a customization from Windows XP to Windows 7 has been made.

Advanced collaboration for analysis

High level statistics!

The program is paired with several different systems. In part, the program analyzes sales statistics when planning sales. McSchedule has access to sales from the cash register as for statistics on its sales every quarter. With all this information collected, the system can analyze and plan the staffing needs.”

Initial interface

With the Iniative Interface, the scheduler can easily adjust employee schedules.

Long-term commitment

With Spree's long-term commitment, the system has been updated from XP to Windows 7.


The system is programmed in Delphi with Interbase as database.

About McDonald´s

“Paul” Palle “Lederhausen worked as a supplier of machine equipment for street kitchens, kitchens and food halls when he visited McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, during a visit to the United States. He was impressed by how the restaurant was managed and noted the growing influx of guests. On October 27, 1973, the first restaurant in Sweden was opened at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. Nearly three further establishments were in Stockholm – on Sveavägen, Götgatan and St. Eriksgatan. In 1977, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened outside Stockholm in Norrköping and in 1985 first McDrive in Kungens Kurva outside Stockholm. Today we have about 220 restaurants from Luleå in the north to Ystad in the south. “