Interactive education for children with autism. This project was started in 2013 and is part financed by PTS following our award in the "Innovation for All" competition.

About the case

In autumn 2012, the National Post and Telecom Agency announced the competition “Understanding and
interaction – communication solutions for people with cognitive
disabilities “where Spree won and was funded share capital for
to develop Project Theo.

Project Theo is a training platform that takes off in versatile
intensive learning program and the purpose of which is to simplify training
supervisors, parents, the resource and the child.

The Project

The supervisor, the parent and the child.

The project is about simplifying the administration of the child’s training.
In order to build as complete a system as possible, we were required to see to the role of the different team members.
With the help of the platform, the supervisor always receives the current status of completed exercises, time and progress. Based on team progress, the supervisor gives access to more exercises when done.
The parent can easily log in and see the progress of his child during the day at the preschool and then continue the training where the resource ended and vice versa.
In this manner, progress is automatically recorded and the degree of difficulty increases based on the progress of the children.
The platform is based on a web-based solution, which leads to that different
roles are administered on different hardware based on what features the role


The supervisor's role is to put the program together to the team, to evaluate progress and help by his skills, the team is in the right direction.

Parent / Resource

The team that works daily with the child consists of the parents / resource - here we create a simple structure for daily exercise to run without unnecessary interruptions.

The child

Tools for the child where some exercises are made interactive so that
the child uses a reading pad to complete the exercise.

Enhanced training

Interactive solutions.

The exercise material in which the program is based are developed by the autism center and they use in their daily work with the children. Many of the exercises take place, just like today, through play and physical interaction between children and adults, but in some exercises we can also use the reading pad to vary and enhance the training. This application on the reading plate consists of aids such as exercises and program areas. Even notes and information about what happened during the day are quickly available.


The exercises consist of instructions for speech, objects and edible actions. They are structured as situation understandings for the child in the form of different instructions given by supervisors / parents.

Program areas

The program area consists of Communication, Language, (Imitation of verbal sound) motorics (Body movements) and the problem behaviour (Please).


The notes allow administrators to redo general events about what happened during the day and other exercise notes. That way, everyone can participate in results and events.

Autism center for young children

Business benefits.

The aim is to create clear and motivating learning situations, in order for the child to learn the skills needed to interact with his environment in as natural a way as
possible. The important thing is to give the child positive experiences. By interacting with and collaborating with the network at both autism centers, preschools and at home, this solution enables you to chart situations on all networks. The collaboration also allows everyone to read the child’s emergency situation as children with autism are quite demand-sensitive.

More time for training

Less manual handling of paper gives more time to put on the child and its workouts.

Overview and follow up

Through the team reporting exercise results and time, the supervisor can easily follow the child's training and development and all information is collected for follow up.


Because everybody in the team can see what is done and easily handle where others stopped.

PTS Award

Proud winners of PTS Award in innovation!

Twice a year, the PTS (Post and Tele Board) organizes the Innovation contest for everyone with different themes. Through the competition
Innovation for all allows different actors to apply for financing of service and product development in electronic communications.
In spring 2012, PTS announced the competition Comprehension and Interaction – communication solutions for people with cognitive impairments. When compelled to end in December 2012, Spree stood proudly and was granted part financing of Post & amp; Telecom Agency to implement Project Theo.

About PTS Innovation Award

“The Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has organized an innovation competition twice a year since 2010. Companies and other organizations have the opportunity to gain funding for service and product development or studies. Each winner receives up to SEK 1.7 million to carry out his project as well as the opportunity to take a course in business modeling. So far, 108 winners have been appointed in PTS innovation competitions. “