Spree, together with the Air Force Museum created an interactive solution that brings out the builder-the joy of small and large.

Educational and playful aircraft lace derivative.

Are you an aircraft engineer? In Drakel and Viggo’s workshop dusted childlike mind and you get the opportunity to test your knowledge in aircraft construction. In this solution with Pixel Sense Sur40 the goal is to build your own airplane by putting together the fuselage, wings, propeller and landing gear.

The plane you built is then taken into the workshop where the analysis occurs and calculates the probability that your plane will fly. If you get approved, you then send off your aircraft to then see it fly off on an external screen on the wall. The digital solution is to test the Air Force Museum in Linköping.

Visual maneuver

As a reference for the visual idiom Spree got a picture of a Jan Lööf-painting, a reference we found very engaging. Without plagiarizing Jan Lööf we used the spirit that is in his image and tried to turn this into interactive graphics. After many sketches, renderings and tests, we are very pleased with the outcome.

Our role in the project

In order to deliver customized and engaging solutions involves every project different skills and technical requirements. Below is what we contributed in this particular project.






Project Managning


Pixelsense Surface

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