Dynamic booking system for SkiStars Call Center with rental and SkiPass.

About the case

SkiStar’s core business is alpine skiing with ski resorts around Scandinavia and Austria. Spree has created the booking system for SkiStars Call Center.

SkiStars Call Center handles booking for cabins, ski passes, ski rentals and ski schools. The system was built in 2003, but Sprees system developers are still working on developing and updating the system.

In constant development

Continuous marketing strategy.

To SkiStars Call Center, their customers can dispose of booking-related questions regarding rental, ski pass, ski hire, ski school and generally about their travels.
Thanks to SkiStars ever-changing marketing strategy, the system needs to be developed and updated discounts that the system uses to provide customers with the right price.
Therefore, Spree’s system developers constantly update the system.

Discount motor

When booking, the system will collect the discounts and find requirements. This system is being rewritten in .Net.


The system was written from the ground in Delphi but is today mixed with some Java and .Net.

Personal applikation

My SkiStar

Spree created a version of My Skistar for Windows 8 and Window 10 based on the Android and Iphone versions.
As a My Skistar user, you get access to various benefits and features. With the application, the user can see his yard statistics such as fall height and number of yokes.
The user can also collect different kinds of pins based on their success in the slopes and also challenge themselves and friends. My SkiStar allows users to get offers and discounts based on their ski pass and ski slope activities.

About SkiStar

“SkiStars business idea is to develop Alpine mountain tourism by packaging products and services that enhance the Alpine Mountain Experience. “