Application with tips directly from cabin staff and pilots favorite restaurants, experiences and shopping in Scandinavia.

About the case

SAS loves traveling people! The staff’s passion for traveling and new experiences chose to pack in the app’s SAS Crew Guide. For the first time ever, you can get tips directly on cabin crew and pilots favorite restaurants, experiences and shopping in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Spree developed this application for Windows 8 and it is the only guide that is written by crew members of an airline and Scandinavia’s most trusted people.

Get tips from your cabin crew!

Scandinavia's most traveled people!

Scandinavia’s most traveled people tells about restaurants, hotels, shopping and other attractions in the SAS Crew application. Here you will find information about the personal favorites of the pilot and cabin crew. In this application, the user can meet them through different viewing modes, where they can see their favorite tips by accessing different categories such as restaurants, places, etc. to get tips from the professionals!

No roaming

All content is downloaded to the phone so when the user downloads the application, they do not need to worry about any roaming charges.

Windows 8

HTML 5 application for Windows 8.

About SAS

“Our vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent flyers. With SAS you are part of a society that experiences simple, happy and reliable services that delivered the Scandinavian way.”