Digital online world for conference and exploration. Interactive platform for Malibu Brand.

About the case

The year 2020 was a special year where we had to adapt our social meetings and workplaces. The event agency Ciceron Group was asked to create a digital event and conference for Malibus employees based around the world.

Spree was given the exciting task of creating Malibu World. A digital world inspired by Malibu’s influences where all participants can create their avatar.

Malibu World consists of 3 worlds / places that the participants’ avatars can visit – Malibu Beach, Malibu City and Malibu Hills. We at Spree worked hard to adapt the different worlds to suit Malibu’s brand look and feel.

The event was held completely live for 3 days and all participants had a personal agenda. Based on the agenda, the participants received notices with instructions on what they should do to follow the conference elements.

Avatar Studio

In the first part of the event, the participants get to create their own avatar with several different editing options such as height, body shape, hair, clothes and accessories.


Spree worked to bring out the right "Malibu" feeling. The participant had the opportunity to edit their avatar throughout the event.


Spree created the opportunity for participants to always be able to interact with each other. There is a chat box where everyone who is in the same area / world can talk to each other. The chat also includes a team section where you only chat with your team members.


When the participants meet each other in the world, there is also the opportunity to "go in" in their own chat room for a private conversation.


All participants were divided into different blocks and teams based on the participants' different time zones. All participants had their own agenda with different elements to follow during the conference.


The agenda was also linked to a notify system that reminded and helped participants to the right rooms and links.


Malibu Beach

Malibu World is made up of three different worlds / parts - Malibu Beach, Malibu City and Malibu Hills. In each continent, Spree has created different rooms / scenes to create a fun experience. Users navigate between the different parts either through doors / entrances in the world, or through a map that shows an overview of the world.


In Malibu Beach, participants get to experience a feeling of paradise beach à la Venice Beach. Here you can hang out in the various bars, mingle in the Malibu Beach Club, peek into The Chic Shack restaurant, or have a relaxing picnic on the Pier.

Malibu City

In Malibu City, participants can walk around a big city with tall buildings and a city pulse. Here you can visit a roof top bar, The T, or hang out at Woke University and visit the various lecture halls to take part in various break out sessions and lectures. In Malibu City you will also find Sip´n Shop, the local liquor store where we created a branded Malibu corner.

Malibu Hills

In Malibu Hills, participants travel to the luxurious suburb with large villas and pool areas. Here you can visit the largest villa in Malibu Hills. Have a drink by the pool in "The Backyard" or go to a barbecue on the terrace. Step into the house to look around the living room or kitchen where Malibus drinks are mixed and served.

Branded 3D Assets

In this solution, it was important to work with Malibus Brand and highlight their brand and products. With this, Spree had to put a large part of the work into developing customized 3D models in the form of Malibu bottles, drink signs, billboards, etc. These were developed by customizing 3D assets with Malibus branded textures.


In the different areas of Malibu World, we created interactive billboards where participants in the event could hold digital workshops or just leave notes with thoughts and ideas. To get to a billboard, they clicked on a customized 3D object in the form of a Malibu board, which opened up a new view where notes could be written and published.

Clickable 3D objects

Around the world, various clickable objects were placed where participants could find links to digital meeting rooms, information in the form of pdf files, as well as links to videos, etc.


The development of Malibu World is created by our developers in Unity Webb GL.

Arnaud Malinconi - Global Brand Director, Malibu at The Absolut Company

"Ending the week on a high after the first ever Malibu Virtual Brand Workshop. Every year Malibu Rum brings together its key partner markets IRL in a sunny location to discuss the strategic direction, future activation, share and learn from each other, but also have fun and moments of conviviality. Because the ‘Spirit of Summer’ lives beyond a global pandemic we decided to create a virtual Malibu World. This went beyond all expectations - with 20 countries attending, 80+ colleagues, 12 consumers and a level of engagement, energy and passion never seen before. Very proud of the team that has done exceptional work to bring this to life."

Alexander Klismo - Global Brand Manager , Malibu at The Absolut Company

"Thank you to the Malibu team and to Ciceron Group & Spree AB who helped us to create a virtual Brand World for Malibu Rum!"

About Ciceron Group

“Sweden’s leading experience agency connecting brands to humans since 2006.Ciceron Group is an award winning agency. A homely home filled with love, curiosity and experience. Experience in design, storytelling and production. A collective of passionate professionals creating emotive experiences for humans and brands.

Because it is what we love and know. Because we believe in great shared experiences as the ultimate differentiator propelling business and people growth.”