Conductor Game

The conductor has been inspired by games like guitar-hero, etc. where the participant gets the opportunity to act as a music conductor and try to hit notes and point at instruments. Visitors will try to hit the notes by waving a conductor stick at the right pace while attempting to point in different instruments placed on the wall in front of them when they appear in the sheet music that roll over the touchscreen.

Compete against your close ones

Visitors get points based on how well they manage to keep pace and point in the various instruments that appear during a game session. The players can compare their results and compete with loved ones. Should visitors forget about how much points they have, they can see it on the Abba The Museum website afterwards, as the results are linked to each visitor's ticket.

Kinect & Leap motion

The solution is built with the game engine Unity and uses a Kinect camera and a Leap motion to read the users movements. Participants can also interact with the system on a touch screen, that somewhat takes the form as a note stand.