Playful interactive station for the beautiful Church town in Luleå Gammelstad.

About the Case

Help the mouse family Gammelstadsson to decorate their Church cottage by pulling in contemporary furniture and adapted exteriors – roofs, windows and doors. Put your very own stamp on your Church cottage with color, shape and decor.

In this way, visitors can take part in the church cottages and become part of it and the entire church village by sending up your furnished cabin, which other visitors can also take part in through the overview view of Gammelstad.

Image in 3D

As Gammelstads Church town is one of Sweden's largest world heritage sites with its hundreds of red small church cottages and the large beautiful medieval church Nederluleå church that towers in the background of the city - it was of utmost importance to produce a fair image that can represent Church town and its unique environment .

Since then, we have worked a lot on a detailed level with 3D modeling and design to imitate a part of Church town so architecturally and planned to include its most important buildings.

We have also gone down to the level of detail when we developed the various contemporary doors and windows and worked with adapted carpentry joy for Church town.


Together with Luleå Gammelstaden Visit Center, we listed contemporary interiors that were most often decorated with in the cottages - and in this way develop custom 3D assets and model the customer's wishes. Everything to bring out the right environment and feeling.

Everything from various tables, chairs, kitchen sofa, textiles and drawer bed to smaller items such as kitchen equipment, candlesticks and wooden toys.

Users can design the interiors by choosing from 3 different colors that suit the era + two different colorful patterns to strengthen the playfulness and creativity in the station.

The User

How to furnish a 3D room in the most flexible and user friendly way? With the user in focus and with a lot of testing, we came up with a clear interface where the room and interior menu take up the most space, the user can easily drag in or click the objects into the environment.

With 4 simple steps, the visitor can put their own stamp on their church cottage.

Drag in, set in place, rotate, and then select a color or pattern.


Developed in Unity.

The user created his cabin on clients who then sent the configuration to the server computer to present their cabin to the other visitors on the larger screen - where the 3D view of Luleå Church town is displayed.