Tech Lab and Idea Generation Workshop in Austria's Alps.

Educational trip 2016

This year’s education trip went to the Alps of Austria and Badgastein. During three days we strengthened the team, went skiing and ate great food. Together we conducted an idea generation workshop with Angelica as a coach. The goal was to explore ideas about how to make Spree into an even better workplace. Many nice ideas came true and the board now has a solid foundation full of team building ideas, skills development proposals and other fun activities.

During our second day we conducted a Techlabb where we tested Quirkbots and Strawbees. A great cool little microcomputer that we built easier robots off. Among other things, a spinning hat was built for Hannes and a walking ball. We highly recommend Quirkbots together with Strawbees as a simple Techlabb when the group has mixed skills. Some focused on programming sensors and other built and designed architectural designs with Strawbees.

In conclusion, we can say that we left Austria extremely charged for an exciting and developing 2017!