Educational Trip 2016

Tech Lab and Idea Generation Workshop in Austria's Alps.

Educational trip 2016

This year’s education trip went to the Alps of Austria and Badgastein. During three days we strengthened the team, went skiing and ate great food. Together we conducted an idea generation workshop with Angelica as a coach. The goal was to explore ideas about how to make Spree into an even better workplace. Many nice ideas came true and the board now has a solid foundation full of team building ideas, skills development proposals and other fun activities.

During our second day we conducted a Techlabb where we tested Quirkbots and Strawbees. A great cool little microcomputer that we built easier robots off. Among other things, a spinning hat was built for Hannes and a walking ball. We highly recommend Quirkbots together with Strawbees as a simple Techlabb when the group has mixed skills. Some focused on programming sensors and other built and designed architectural designs with Strawbees.

In conclusion, we can say that we left Austria extremely charged for an exciting and developing 2017!

STIMD Workshop

Creative and fun workshop with new technology.

STIMDI Workshop

Together with STIMDI (STIMDI – Sweden’s Interdisciplinary Association for MDI) we conducted a workshop in creative thinking about new technology and concept development. We focused on Hololens, Kinect and Multitouch surfaces. After a brief lecture about Spree’s own work method with new technology, we worked in groups and created new exciting concepts.

We want to thank everyone who participated and made this workshop so successful.

Read more about the event on the STIMDI website here

Spree Hackaton


Spree is looking for new talents and wants to challenge you at a mini hackaton where we share knowledge and push each other towards new solutions in programming and problem solving.

Together in one evening we take a classic problem. The goal is to find the optimal solution and all funds are allowed. The most optimized and / or innovative solution is celebrated with a 3D printed price.

We offer light snacks and drinks. OSA for participation no later than Monday, February 20th.

Where: Spree AB, Dalagatan 100, 8tr
When: Wednesday 22nd February, 17.00-20.00

Sign up with your name, where you study or work
And if you have any allergies / food preferences.

We have a limited number of seats, so first come first served
And bring your own computer to hack!


About Spree

Spree has three focus areas that together complement us both in terms of competence and business. We develop tailor made overall solutions focusing on interactive installations and customized IT systems. With mission-specific teams in our own office, we drive projects from ax to bread to ensure we deliver solutions based on our vision.

In parallel with our “inhouse” projects, we also strengthen our customers IT projects with competence rental. Our developers and UX designers become part of the customer’s team on both longer assignments, but also shorter projects. With our third focus area, we are always looking forward to technology, hardware like software. We have a constantly updated lab environment where we experiment and explore what new technologies can offer our customers.