Spree at ISE 2017

Spree was on the ISE in Amsterdam to capture the latest in screen technology, touch enabled screens, augmented reality and virtual reality. Everything that could be used for our projects and customers was of interest.

ISE 2017

The ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) fair took place on February 7th in Amsterdam at RAI, which is an area for trade fairs. We were at the fair on 7th and 8th of February for a total of 4 days. The ISE fair is, according to themselves, the largest Audio / Video exhibition in the world. The fair had 1200 exhibitors and 73000 visitors. The fair is aimed primarily at companies even though there were parts of the fair that are interesting to individuals. Much at the fair was aimed at “digital signage”, ie digital signage for advertising / concerts and other areas that need digital signs / displays.

There were also other areas that focused on integration between audio and video systems and end users. There was wide spread on which exhibitors were in place. For example, there were exhibitors targeting the education sector where products were available that would facilitate education. There were areas at the fair as only processed sound systems. There was also a smart home department where exhibitors showed different integrated home automation systems.

There were even A dronning area where several drones were demonstrated indoors. There was a large area dedicated to the latest projectors. To name a few of all the areas covered under this big roof. To name a few names, there were Samsung, LG, AOTO and others.

Module screens

Many exhibitors demonstrated screens that were made up of modules. Each module had a certain number of pixels and could be built into a larger screen. We were impressed with the built in modules did not show any joints.

The modules could be put together using simple means via contacts on each module. The modules were sliced until one had the desired size and width / height ratio. Each module could either be replaced completely or serviced both front and rear if only one side was available. Some models failed to replace damaged pixels.

One might imagine that the modules are not as good as a non modular screen solution, but these screens had high pixel density. You did not see the pixels if you stood 2-3 m from a 127 inch screen that had 1.4 mm between each pixel. We did not see a difference in the picture from different viewing angles, and the joints did not seem to. The heat generation was basically non existent unlike a consumer LED TV. It would not surprise me if this technology comes to ordinary consumers.

Transparent screens and display mirrors

We also saw transparent screens we used for our projects before. But this variant seemed to be significantly improved against those we used.

The screen works so that colored pixels can not be seen through while a white pixel makes it look straight through the screen. When the screen shows black color, you did not see the screen wherever you stood. It was just the viewing angle that was improved, enabling easier placement of the screen because the user could stand anywhere and interact.

Samsung demonstrated screens with mirrors so the mirror image collapsed with the image from the screen.

Educational Trip 2016

Tech Lab and Idea Generation Workshop in Austria's Alps.

Educational trip 2016

This year’s education trip went to the Alps of Austria and Badgastein. During three days we strengthened the team, went skiing and ate great food. Together we conducted an idea generation workshop with Angelica as a coach. The goal was to explore ideas about how to make Spree into an even better workplace. Many nice ideas came true and the board now has a solid foundation full of team building ideas, skills development proposals and other fun activities.

During our second day we conducted a Techlabb where we tested Quirkbots and Strawbees. A great cool little microcomputer that we built easier robots off. Among other things, a spinning hat was built for Hannes and a walking ball. We highly recommend Quirkbots together with Strawbees as a simple Techlabb when the group has mixed skills. Some focused on programming sensors and other built and designed architectural designs with Strawbees.

In conclusion, we can say that we left Austria extremely charged for an exciting and developing 2017!